Hindrances to Deliverance

11 May

The lord has been working in my spirit the past few days on this subject and would like to share with you on this subject. The word says whom ever the son of man sets free is free in deed. So if God has set you free how come you are bound again. a lot of christian are bound by demons when there are supposed to be free. Why are they bound, how come inspite of the fact that they receive any anointing to bust curses they still bound. As a christian you can not be bound by spirits of sicknes, things moving in your body, poverty, frustrations and sexual immoralioty demons. Why are you still struggling.
1. Unforgiveness- its a great hindtrance to growth spiritually and deliverance.
2. Unconfessed and un forsaken sin. You can not expect the devil to leave you alone when you are doing his stuff. Stop it get out of it.
3. Open doors, when we engage in the occult, the sins and all thats contrary his word we fall into serious problems those that will give the devil opportunity to continue oppressing us.
Make up your mind to get out of it, get over it. The power to break that addiction is in prayer and the word. God loves you dont struggle with it Christ struggled for it.


Dreams Part 3

10 Apr

We are going to be exploring the area of dreams for the Final time. First remember dreams are a prophetic vision of the night. Job 33vs 14 will explain more. God will give you dreams so that you can understand what is happening in your life. Understand numbers, animals, birds and all they represent. The devil will steal from you in a dream. You can get promoted in a dream. Solomon got wisdom in a dream. So IF God can give you a prophetic message in a dream you can communicate with God in a dream. Dont sleep like you are dead. Pray for your dream world to be changed and transformed.

Prayer Points

What ever the devil has stolen from me through dreams be brought back down in jesus name.

Every enemy manifesting in my life through dreams be destroyed in jesus name.

Every altar built with my name on it be destroyed in jesus name.

Every dog, snake and marine spirit manifesting in my dreams be destroyed in jesus name.

From today i change my dream world, from today


23 Mar

We have been exploring the area of dreams in the past few weeks and i feel we still have a lot to talk about and i want to continue with this subject. Dreams are a prophetic vision of the night and a glimpse into the realms of the spirit showing us what is happening in our lives in the other realm. Remember what ever manifests in the natural is the reflection of what is happening in the realms of the spirit

Dreams of Coins and Old Notes is a sign of a spirit of poverty attacking your finances.

Dreams of you eating are dangerous thats how demons plant things in your body. Pray when you wake up

Dreams of being bitten by snakes, scorpions or dogs can bring a physical manifestation of bits and pains. Pray it out.

Dreams of walking in water and mermaids are a sign of demonic attacks to your finances.

There are numerous other dreams we can explore. If God could bless people like Solomon in a dream and if he could give some there destiny in a dream surely the devil can still your destiny through the same medium.

Pray the following prayers with me.

Every agent sent to still my wealth through dreams i destroy by fire.

Every demonic tool inserted into my body by demons be burnt by the fire of the holyspirit.

I destroy every altar of marione spirits and there agents set against my life .

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Dream Interpretations

8 Mar

Been so lazy to come back a write well thank God i got the time and the opportunity to explore further this subject. Dreams are a look at the experiences that we are having and at times exploring into the realms of the spirit things that are happening or will happen. Dreams have a prophetic edge in them. The bible is full of dreamers. Joseph the dreamer saw the future. Jacob saw heaven when he dreamt. Joseph Jesus earthly father saved Jesus because he dreamt what pharoah was planning. So dreams are powerful. Here are just a few dream interpretations.
1 Watch for numbers they mean a lot. eg 3 is the number of Testimony, 7 perfection, 11 Disorder and disintergration.
2 watch for animals and birds Eagle represent the prophetic anointing, Dove the holyspirit, vulture scavanging spirit. baboon represents poverty.
3 Water represents the place of the next level. Watch that you arent swimming and u arent walking ibn water thats a sign of marine spirits attacking you. Rain is good showers of blessing.
4 Jacket talks of the Anointing the covering we need.
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Loss is a part of Life

22 Jan

Daily we are loosing, we loosing days alocated to us on the earth, we loosing hair, money, friends, relatives and a lot of things. Its not about loss but what we gain as we lose these things. We gain experience we gain victories and we gain better relationships with God. I want you to understand that God will bring people into your life and they will stay for a season and then they leave. We get hurt when people leave us especially if that ends up as a broken Marriages, Broken Relationship or we no longer talk to those people. Its painful and Hurting but as we lose those people sometimes to death we have to understand that its part of life. People will come into your life they will build you for a season. They will shape your life daily, they will fill your life with hopes aspirations and plans. They will give you direction, they will impart into you. People will impact you and give you direction. People will drive you in a direction that they feel is the right direction. They will build bonds with you, they will be emotional ties. They will love you support you. People will give you courage to stand and Go on. Its put and parcel of Gods plan. Then he takes them away. We left with a gap and we have to cope without any support system but i want to remember this scripture” i will not leave you as orphans but will give you the Holyspirit he will be your Guardian-Greek(Parakletos-Helper/lawyer/Guardian). So you may be alone but you wont be lonely He is with you. You may have lost a Father, Mother, Friend, Support, Shoulder, some money, a business and you will have to live with it. Remember Loss is part of Life. We live with it.You Earn Money on the 25th Monthly and that very moment you start lossing it you pay your bills, you buy food. So daily you will lose money and earn again.So daily we earn knowledge, we earn new experiences, we learn new relationships. We lose daily but we gain daily. So dont be bound by loss, grief and all those feelings get over it. Deal with it It doesnt matter what ever it is a broken relationship, lost job, lost money, lost relationship remember all things work together for good.What ever the Devil wanted to use against you build it into a moment of Victory.

Friendship Before Function

7 Jan

One of life truths is that you can never function with someone in any relationship or vocation without them being your friend. Any marriage, business or ministry relationship thats not based on friendship will falter and fall. All great relationships it may be marriage, coach and athelete, mentor and intern, business partnership are built on friendship. Friendship breeds love,trust,confidence, knowledge of each other strengths and weaknesses, pains and frustrations. greatest danger is when people marry their spouses only for their money, their looks or something superficial. Their partners are nothing more than just sex objects, gratification objects or just a trophy. Those relationships dont survive storms.When your spouse is your friend, your business partner is your friend when the going get tough they will stand with you and support you through it all. If the person next to you, the person sleeping right next to you daily isnt your friend what are they most likely they are your foe or a rival. You will never make anything with them, you can never build anything with them because you cant trust them and they cant trust you. You can never go far with someone who isnt your friend. Jesus had 1000’s of disciples but 12 friends and 3 close friends. Friends will laugh with you, agonise with you, celebrate your vicory with you, provide for you when you in need. Friends will trust you with their lives and you will trust them with yours. Friends are the greatest things God has given us. In hard moments in good moments you will break each others hearts forgive each other and move on. “No greater love than this that a man will lay down his life for his friends” Oh what a great scripture Jesus is a true friend. Will you lay your life for your spouse, your business partner. Will you sacrife your needs for there’s. Remember no function without frienship.


2 Jan

I have decided that no matter what happens in my life i will not loose my joy. 2011 ha ha ha am going to have fun and be joyful. There are so many joy steelers in life. Every day we wake up we faced with stuff that steel our joy. <stroIf there was a school of life we would go and learn how to handle situations that crop up daily. Well there aint any school to prepare us for what we face daily. Daily people will show up and say stuff to you, people will look at you and coment, people will promise you stuff and they dont deliver. People are just people they will disappoint you. Disappointments are things you need to know they exist and will always be there in your life. Joy is a choice, it is something that you choose to have. You have to make up your mind to never loose your joy. Inspite of what you faced with remember God is control. Why we loose Joy is because of shame, disappointment, because what we wanted didnt happen when we want it. God is in control. He says i will not let any temptation i know you cant handle to come into your life. So if anything comes into your life he knows it and he allowed it. He is confident we can handle it. So no matter what happens laugh, enjoy and dont loose your joy. I will enjoy 2011, it will be the best year ever. I want to change your perspective about your situation. The devil want you see the end of your life but its an opportunity for a miracle. A mountain can be a blockage to one, an opportunity to learn mountain climbing for someone else and be on top to see the world. Make up your mind to have joy. call us.